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Working Mom


This mom was struggling with high stress from trying to balance running her highly successful (and demanding) business and being a mom.  She had low energy, was burdened by an overwhelming "to-do" list, and was turning to unhealthy sugar hits for quick satisfaction.  Her stress was triggering anxiety and frequent headaches, and her presence and effectiveness were suffering.  The 90 Day Stronger "Mum-Me" Program enabled her to prioritise herself and self-care.  She was equipped with new tools to reduce her stress / anxiety and created new healthy habits, resulting in significantly improved mental and physical health and presence.



Despite eating healthy and regular movement, this person was suffering from severely low energy throughout the day and particularly in the evening, but then frequent restless sleep at night, and struggling to lose weight.  This cycle was preventing fully showing up and enjoying life, and cascading into multiple areas (high stress, dating/socialising, family relationships, and overall outlook on life).   By the end of The 90 Day Energy Boost Program this client was sleeping better, had improved energy, and felt more excited and optimistic about life (particularly about dating again).

Family on a Walk


This mum was carrying a few more kilos than she liked following the birth of her second child, but more importantly she was time poor and had low energy and self-motivation.  The Vision & Strategy Session enabled us to clarify her priorities, form her goals, and set a strategy to best meet her needs.   By the end of The 90 Day Energy Boost Program, she had more energy, had established healthier eating and movement habits, shed the few extra kilos, as well as incorporated activities that bring her creativity.  She shared that the overall result was a happier home and family life as well.

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This professional consultant was working excessive hours for years, and not allocating any time to his personal life or personal objectives outside of work, neglecting some things for years.  Like many of us, this past year+ of COVID lockdowns had thrown his work/life balance even more so towards work, with little social life or dating.   After a 90 minute Vision & Strategy Session, he made a commitment to himself to take a few weeks away from working and focus that time on what he really wants to do and achieve in his personal life.  We worked together to clarify that vision, key motivation factors and benefits, and high-level strategy to move forward with.  Amazing!


Stephanie helped me to identify stressors for my anxiety and to learn calming and coping strategies to help manage my anxiety. She helped me turn my goals into an action plan and prioritize myself just as much as all the things on my constantly growing "to do" list. After completing The 90-day Stronger 'Mom-me' program with her, I felt I had the tools needed to better manage the stress of being a new mom and business owner.


After the birth of my second child, I was looking to improve my overall health and increase energy levels....The 90 Day Energy and Health Boost program gave me the motivation and accountability I needed to get myself back on track. The weekly check-ins were fantastic, and by the end of the program not only had I achieved my goals, but I’d also created some new habits and adopted some new creative ways of thinking. I would definitely recommend Stephanie’s services.


Stephanie’s stress management coaching (Master Your Stress Program) provided valuable assistance achieving balance in my work and personal life. I would highly recommend working with Stephanie if you have a desire to learn strategies for improving your physical and mental health.

Robert, City IT Manager

Testimonial from client in the 90 Day Energy Boost Program forthcoming...


Client testimonial forthcoming...


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